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2016 Hospice Walkathon

A walk through Laurier Woods on May 1st in support of the North Bay Hospice (currently in the fund raising stage).
Hear about it at our meeting on Wednesday.
Sign up at the website (if I got that part working correctly).
Paul, VA3PC

Hospital Fun run


Hi Folks
The Hospital Fun Walk / Run is tommorrow and we could use a few more vollunteers. We have the minimum of 4 but would like to double up some of the teams.
This event does involve walking into the trail site so keep that in mind and is run on portible radios.
If you would like to help out please let me know or sign up on the website.
We will be be meeting at the hospital about 08:30
Dress worm it is going to be a cool.... ok, cold one!

2015 Our Hospital Walk Run

We need 4 or more Hams to come help out!!  The more the merrier!!
Please sign up on the website or by contacting Bill Silver!

What you need for Run Off the Grid 2015


Hey everyone,
Just a quick note to follow up on a few items to remember for Run Off the Grid on Satuday.
Please bring a lunch for yourself.  Race organizers are not providing a lunch this year.  Due to logistics it has been hit or miss with lunches  in the past and they have decided to save the logistical issues this year.  As always there will be loads of snacks at the checkpoints.

Run Off the Grid 2015


Hello Everyone,
Run-Off-the-Grid is next Saturday, Sept 19, 2015.
We would love to see more volunteers since we are going to be operating with minimum radio crew for this event.
Signed up so far are:
If I missed someone who volunteered at the meeting or if you would like to add your name to this fun event please sign up on the website or contact me by email at my callsign at gmail dot com.

150725 - 2015 MATTAWA Canoe Race Report


The 2015 Mattawa Canoe Race was held Saturday July 25th 2015. This was the 39th running of the event. At 64K long, it is the longest canoe race in Ontario and considered one of the premier events.


In attendance were; Chris VA3CMX, Howard VE3GMG, Paul VA3PC, Bruce VA3BDR, Bill VE3TGI, and Drew VE3MAF. As in other years there were 3 checkpoints as well as the Finish.  #2 checkpoint is water (canoe) access only. Chris transported in all his gear including batteries, radios and a tarp for shelter.


2015 - Run off the Grid

Post-race Meal: gd2go will be catering and serving a hearty and healthy post-race meal with as much food sourced locally as possible and with minimal to no waste.  Leisure Farms also supplies corn for a post-race corn roast. Bring your own plates, cups and cutlery.


North Bay - Mattawa Canoe Race 2015


Hello Everyone, this Saturday is the North Bay - Mattawa Canoe Race.
The plan is to have our usual meet and breakfast at Tim Hortons at Seymour and the bypass between 07:00 and 07:30.  Departure for the various checkpoints is scheduled for 08:00.  I will have paperwork for the checkpoints at Tim Hortons in the morning.
The more the merrier so if you haven't signed up come out and lend a hand, there's always room for extra bodies.
We will be operating on VE3NBR repeater at 147.150+ out of Mattawa.

2015 North Bay Triathlon

North Bay Triathlon.
Looking for about 6 volunteers.
Thanks, 73 - Paul

2015 North Bay -> Mattawa Canoe Race

North Bay - Mattawa Conservation Authority is again holding the Canoe Race.
We are looking for a few volunteers, Sign up as per usual.
Thanks & 73, Paul, VA3PC


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