Community Service

2023 Voyageur 200

This is a replacement race for Lost in the Rocks and Trees.
We have been asked to participate, but not sure what areas have little or no communication.
this is the 200k route:
this is the 100k route:
I will attempt to contact the organizers to find out our involvement.

2023 Run Off the Grid

Nature's Harmony Run Off the Grid Race
We will probably need 5 or 6 volunteers
More information posted after Labour Day weekend.

2022 Run Off the Grid

Run off the Grid !
at Nature's Harmony

2022 NBMCA Canoe Race

Its Back! The 45th Annual Canoe Race.
It doesn't sound like there will be a banquet this year, so we will be finished early.
Let me know if you are planning to attend (or click on the attend button)
I'm guessing 5-6 people required (more would allow relief at checkpoints).
The info is here:

2021 Run Off the Grid

ROTG Saturday September 25, 2021
Hopefully most of the COVID restrictions have been lifted, but just in case they haven't,
we'll start with a request for 5 volunteers (same as last year).
Chris VA3CMX will not be available, so I'll be coordinating the volunteers, email me with any questions.

73 Paul, VA3PC


2020 Hospital Walk/Run

This will be a virtual event this year, so our attendance is not required. Stay Safe.

2020 Run Off The Grid 9.5 year anniversary.

Run off the Grid is a go with a limit of 100 participants. This would have been the 10th year, but due to the registration limit, they are going to call it the 9.5 year anniversary.
They will have COVID-19 protocols in place, volunteers are asked to wear masks.
Race course will be in one direction this year, so the checkpoints will be less hectic.
Staggered start for the three races 45 minutes apart, with the shortest race (12.5k) leaving at 10:30.
No food for competitors at the checkpoints, only liquids in disposable cups.


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