RAC Bulletin 2014-09-06

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RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for September 6, 2014


1. RAC Report for August

The August 2014 RAC Report is available for viewing on both the old
and the new website. You must be logged in as a member to view the
report on either site. On the old website, www.rac.ca, the report is
in the "Members' section" pull down menu on the left. On the new
website, wp.rac.ca, once logged in, go to "publications" then

-- RAC web page



2. Special Prefixes Authorized

From October 1 to November 30, special prefixes have been authorized
for Canadian amateurs, to remember the Empress of Ireland, an ocean
liner that sank in the Saint Lawrence River 100 years ago. Use CF for
VA, CG for VE, CH for VO, and CI for VY.

-- RAC Special Events Database

3. History of Morse

James Wades WB8SIW has written a brief version of how the Morse of
the telegraph era evolved into the Morse we hear today on our ham
bands. Find it online at ve3gna.wordpress.com. James is the
international president of the Morse Telegraph Club, whose web page
is www.morsetelegraphclub.org

James is also instrumental in manning the eastern hub of the annual
"Letters to Santa" event which runs each Christmas season between
Michigan and North Pole, Alaska. The letters are all transmitted
to Ed Trump AL7N using original telegraph circuits and equipment.

-- Glenn Killam, VE3GNA

4. Stan Goldberg, SK

Stan Goldberg, the artist who, with Mike Esposito, drew the "Archie's
Ham Radio Adventure" comic for ARRL in the 1990s, died August 31. He
was 82. A New York City native, Goldberg was Marvel Comics' chief
colorist during the 1960s, when most of the characters now associated
with Marvel were created.

"He's the reason Spider Man's costume is red and dark blue, the
reason the Incredible Hulk's skin is green," said Jim Massara, N2EST,
who penned QST cartoons in the 1980s and also once worked for Marvel.
"Goldberg was a giant in our industry."

-- ARRL Web