[Operation] New digipeater/igate in Huntsville

I have placed my FT-2900R and an old i3 laptop into digipeater/igate operation in order to fill in some of the APRS gap in Huntsville. I noticed there was no APRS coverage over here, so I have set out to change that.

From what http://aprs.fi shows, I have about a 10.8km range and have received station from up to 15km away at times. (Not counting the stations from 100km+ away cause those aren't daily and tend to happen only early mornings....)


New APRS station and internet linking

I recently bought a used Kenwood D710A, and while I can see several APRS stations on the radio within range with of my kitchen dipole antenna, when I go to http://www.aprs.fi, I don't see my call, although I do see some other North Bay stations. Do I need to change something in my setup? Thanks,

Henry, KD8LWV


VE3ERX software upgrade (and time setting)

I was at the Powassan site today and upgraded the repeater software and also set the time on the controller.  Please let me know if the clock starts to drift again.  I set it to adjust itself by 30 seconds a week.  We'll see if it requires more or less to stay in sync.

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