New APRS station and internet linking

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I recently bought a used Kenwood D710A, and while I can see several APRS stations on the radio within range with of my kitchen dipole antenna, when I go to, I don't see my call, although I do see some other North Bay stations. Do I need to change something in my setup? Thanks,

Henry, KD8LWV


Henry; right now our aprs/internet gateway is off line. Bill's (VA3SPT) radio went puff! Hopefully tonight I'll get the cables and connectors to rebuild a wiring harness to get it back on the air.
With the aprs->internet gateway down, we can only appear on the map if our signal is picked up by another internet gateway within range. The closest one is about 150km away, so only once in a blue moon does a packet get thru. Once our local gateway is fixed, you should show up on the map with more regularity.