2022-05-18 May Meeting Minutes

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Radio Club Minutes – May 18, 2021

Meeting. Called to order at 7:10 pm.

Attendees: Dan Magill (VE3DLL), Denis Leblanc (VE3XO), Paul Caccamo (VE3PC),
Kelly Shulman (VE3KLX), Dan Pearce (VE3YUI), Bill Gibson (VE3TGI)
Regrets: Chris May (VA3CMX), Lori Beckerton (VE3LOR) and Jim Hasler (VA3JGH)

Treasurer report: Chris reports dues still coming in, no major expenditures.

Events: North Bay-Mattawa Canoe Race – July 23rd – we have 3 volunteers so far.
We have a request for the Run Off the Grid (September 24)
No response for the Field Day online survey, so no plans at this time.

On May 28 there is a celebration of life for Guy Leblond at the Shriners Club, 1260 Brookes Street from 1:00 – 4:00

Nets: HF net working well except for the propagation. Paul has not made it up to the repeater site

General discussion:
- special Prefix VE->VX and VA->VG optional temporary call sign prefix to celebrate Queen’s 70 years.
- see RAC website for details and duration.

Dan Pearce motioned to end the meeting at 7:20 pm.

Dan Magill arranged a presentation on AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network)
as implemented in Alberta. It is a self healing mesh data network.
see file attached to minutes for the PDF presentation.

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