Run off the Grid is a GO - Sept 26th.

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Run off the Grid is a go with a limit of 100 participants.
This would have been the 10th year, but due to the registration limit, they are going to call it the 9.5 year anniversary.
They will have COVID-19 protocols in place, volunteers are asked to wear masks.
Race course will be in one direction this year, so the checkpoints will be less hectic.
Staggered start for the three races 45 minutes apart, with the shortest race (12.5k) leaving at 10:30.
No food for competitors at the checkpoints, only liquids in disposable cups.
The meal this year will be in pre-packaged containers, not buffet style.
With all that said, we would like a few hardy volunteers.
Please sign up on the website event or email to the club address.
I'm sorry if this newsletter gets to you twice, but I think it hung on the website the first time.
73 Paul and Chris

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