Equipment List SK Guy Leblond VE3PUP, VE3JZ

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Gyslaine, VE3GZL has asked me to list Guy's equipment for sale.
Some is fairly new as he purchased the high powered stuff (amplifier and accessories) in the past few months.
I'm going to list it locally first, that way anything purchased locally will not involve shipping.
If you need any information on any item, please drop me an e-mail.
In a week or so I will list what is remaining on the Ontario Swap Shop.
Thanks Paul, VA3PC

Icom 756Pro2 HF-6m $ 800
Alpha 91b HF Amplifier 160-10m $2500
Alpha Delta 4 pos coax switch with built in lightning arrestor $130
RCS-10 8 port remote coax switch (new in box) $300
Daiwa CN901 high power vswr meter $230
Astron RS35M $250
Bencher Iambic Paddle $150
Yaesu Desk Mic YM-34 $100
Diamond SX1000 VSWR Meter $150
Heil Pro Headset (Icom) w/footswitch $100
AT1000 ProII Autotuner $650
Heathkit Cantenna Dummy Load $ 10
MFJ 752B audio filter $ 30
Powerline P/S 13.8V 20A $150
Power Supply 3A 12V $ 20
Icom BC72A Desk Charger $ 20

For info e-mail va3pc @