NBARC February 2020 Meeting Notice

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The NBARC February 2020 meeting is upon us. It is this coming Wednesday February 12, 2020  at the OPP RHQ Community Boardroom - 911A Gormanville Rd. North Bay. The doors will open about 1915 ET (dependent upon when we finish dinner).

Kelly has a problem to solve for the next HAB launch. In her own words....
"This year we are trying to send a payload up that will measure CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. An issue that I have run into is that there is not CO2 sensor that is rated to operate under the conditions it will encounter at altitude in terms of both temperature and pressure. The suggestion from the CO2 sensor people is that we build a little pressure chamber - not a high pressure chamber but something that could hold 1 atm. I was thinking that we could use a Pi to run all of this - we would need a pressure sensor inside the chamber (got it) and then a couple of miniature air pumps, and then a relay to turn the pump motors on to retrieve a new sample. Is this the kind of thing you would know about? Or is there somebody in our club who you think could help me out with this?"
If you have any suggestions come to the meeting with them. I know she will appreciate any help.

Ken's brother Ron will possibly have a surprise at the meeting.

There will be the usual reports.

Dinner this month is at Ivan's on O'Brian St at 1800ET. I made a reservation for 8 under my name.

Hope to see you there.

73/Drew VE3MAF