NBARC October Meeting Notice

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The NBARC October 2019 meeting is upon us. It is this coming Wednesday October 9, 2019  at the OPP RHQ Community Boardroom - 911A Gormanville Rd. North Bay. The doors will open about 1915 ET (dependent upon when we finish dinner).

Kelly will have been to the NASA Space Centre at the Goddard Space Centre and hopefully she will have a report.

The Nature's Harmony ROTG was a success. There will be a report.

There will be an update on the Christmas Party. The suggestions are Loi's or 1887 Bistro Callander or Lookout Inn Callander. Paul will have checked out the 1887 Bistro and the Lookout Inn and report. Choice of Thursday dates this year are December 5, 12, 19.

There will be the usual reports.

Dinner this month is at Ivan's on O'Brien. I have made a reservation for 8 at 1800ET in my name.
The Crisis Centre is holding a Burgers Fundraiser and Ivan's has a featured burger. We have to eat and why not help during the process. See the following link.

73/Drew VE3MAF