2019 June Meeting

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The NBARC June 2019 meeting is upon us.
It is this coming Wednesday Jun 12, 2019 at the OPP RHQ Community Boardroom - 911A Gormanville Rd. North Bay.
The doors will open about 1915 ET (dependent upon when we finish dinner).

There will be the usual reports. Kelly may even have a report on the successful balloon flight.
We had only three responses for the Field Day poll, so discussion is in order.
The NFM shack was painted - thanks to Bill, VE3TGI, Dave VA3NBH, Fern VE3FMY and Paul VA3PC

Other upcoming events are:
Mattawa Canoe Race July 27, 2019.
Parry Sound Flea Market Aug 10, 2019
Our Hospital Walk/Run September 22, 2019.
Run off the Grid September 28, 2019.

Dinner this month is at Joey's (yes they are open again!) at 1800ET

73/Paul VA3PC