HAB Balloon Launch Tuesday May 14, 2019

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West Ferris Intermediate Secondary School

High Altitude Balloon Launch

May 12, 2019 – On the morning of Tuesday, May 14th, Miss Shulman’s physics class will proceed with the launch of a High-Altitude Balloon flight from the football field at West Ferris Intermediate Secondary School.

The launch procedure will commence in room 220 at 9:30am with the actual release of the balloon completed centre field at around 10:30am. Members of the public are invited to attend. Anyone wishing to track the position of the balloon in-flight can do so by accessing the tracking pages posted at shulman.x10host.com.

The payload is expected to reach an altitude of over 30 km before the balloon explodes and the payload descends to earth under parachute. The flight is expected to take a total of about 3 hours. A NOTAMN has been filed to alert pilots to the presence of a weather balloon flight in the area at this time.

The payload will carry sensor, video and radio tracking equipment using Shulman’s callsign VE3KLX, as well as a solar radiation experiment designed by student Liam Kelly. Data from the flight will provide experimental results for future flights and classroom activities as well as an authentic context for course materials.

The North Bay Amateur Radio Club will be on-site to provide a tracking check and radio reception throughout the flight.

A retrieval team is set to pursue the payload. Flight path prediction models indicate that the payload is expected to land in the Powassan-Nipissing area. If the payload is found by a member of the public, they are kindly asked to contact West Ferris Intermediate Secondary School at 705-475-2333.

For more information, please contact:

Kelly Shulman (VE3KLX)

West Ferris Intermediate Secondary School

P. 705-475-2333

E. kelly.shulman@nearnorthschools.ca