VE3NFM Antenna and software upgrade

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Good news and bad news!

a> there is a new release of software (to combat the drifting clock)
it has been installed in both repeaters.
b> the antenna on VE3NFM was placed on the new tower today.

... and now for the bad news ...

c> one of the PL259 connectors shorted out - hopefully it was the re-used one at the
bottom of the coax run. I also used a butane soldering iron that I'm not used to.
I'll change the connector before coffee tomorrow and see what happens.

Paul, VA3PC



Well, it wasn't the end that I worked on!
I'll let Spectrum know on Monday, but it may take a few days before the riggers return.

The connector was fixed on the Monday. Coverage is reported to be excellent.
The clock is still drifting though :-(

I have been able to trigger it from west of Commanda, 30 minutes west of Trout Creek, in an area from which I had a conversation one day with Drew on ERX. It does a fade south of Powassan on Hwy. 11. Great coverage in North Bay though, and I can reach it from my home in the valley behind the rock next to airport hill (previously rf dead zone to NFM).

It makes a difference when your antenna is connected.
Coverage reports and feedback welcome.