VE3ERX Issue

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Hello everyone;
I stopped at the repeater site tonight on the way home from work. No tools or meters with me, just thought it might be an easy fix.
There was no circuit breaker tripped, but there was no power on the outlets where we (and only we) are plugged in.
I plugged into another outlet and the repeater came to life, followed closely by a whiff of overheated something.
Needless to say, I wasn't sure if the smell was the charging circuit for the deep cycle battery, or the power supply of the repeater.
I unplugged it again, disconnected the battery and will try again tomorrow night with adequate tools and meters, and a battery charger.
Hopefully its not too much of an issue to fix.  I do have spare power supplies, but they weigh a considerable amount,
and will be a pain to change with the lack of room to work in the building.
I'll post further tomorrow night.  In the mean time 147.300+ is working.
73, Paul, VA3PC