Tower Drive Workparty Today @ 13:00

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So far I've heard from Gerry, Doug, Keeling, Henry and Chris.
I think we will be all right for tools etc, but you might want to remember your work boots and gloves.
Keeling - Compressor and Nailer
Henry - Caulking, sealant, mousetraps
Gerry - Power tools, sawhorses
Doug - Power screwdriver, saws, leaf blower.
Paul - Trailer, R2D2 (vacuum), extension cords, measuring tapes, etc.
See you there - now where did I put the keys?
73, Paul



Well we are about 40% done. Then the circuit breaker got tripped. It was time to head home by then anyway.
We did manage to get the ceiling done, most of the site vacuumed out, and the exterior sealing completed.
We have to finish the two long walls and both ends of the building.  More discussion will obviously ensue at the meeting
on Wednesday night.  Doug figures we will need about 3.5 more sheets of that fine wall covering Bill (hint hint).
Next time I won't park the shiny bright thing (vacuum) too close to the compressor. 'Nuff said.
Thanks to the work crew.  '73 Paul