Run Off the Grid

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Hello Everyone,
Run Off the Grid is just under a week away, and we have been requested to provide t-shirt sizes for this Sunday evening to preorder.  Please sign up ASAP and email me your t-shirt size.
We could definately use some additional volunteers for this fun event.  I would like to be able to put 2 hams on each of the 4 checkpoints. That would allow us to split checkpoint 1 and 4 for the first time as this is a heavy area with runners coming from all directions.  Net control will have 1 or 2 hams as availability dictates.
Signed up so far, we have:

ve3maf,  VE3LOR,  VE3YO,  va3bdr,  va3cmx,  JHiggins
Also a reminder to make sure to bring your mess kit (plate, bowl, cup and utensils).  A major focus of the event is it's environmental footprint and disposable dishes will not be available.
This event is great fun as anyone who has done it already will attest and our hosts are some of the most enthsiastic AND appreciative people that the club works with.  There is great food, great fun and lots of great hams to hang out with and talk radio in between runners.
This is also get a great opportunity to exercise our skills and equipment in a fun setting.
If you are available to help out please sing up on the website or contact me at
Thanks in advance,
Chris May, VA3CMX