North Bay General Hospital 4th Annual Run/Walk

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It was a tad cool this morning, but fortified by hot java (the liquid stuff not the programming language) Henry KD8LWV, Gerry VE3YO, Mike VA3MPR, Bruce VA3BDR, Dan VE3YUI and I ran communications for the event.
Doug VA3DLJ stayed warm at home and ran the HF net for me, and then stood by in case we needed a message passed.
We ran the comms on 146.52 and except for a little doubling had no issues.
No incidents. The only confusion came when we were trying to find out who the sweep was. (Lady on 10 speed with green jacket).
According to Vicki it was a success raising a nice sum for the hospital.
We were on site from about 08:30 to approximately 11:45.
Thanks to all that helped out.
I'll post the route maps in the archive for next year.
Paul, VA3PC