NBARC November 11th, 2015 EARLY Meeting Reminder

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The NBARC November 11th 2015 meeting is upon us. It is  Wednesday November 11th, 2015  at the OPP RHQ Community Boardroom - 911A Gormanville Rd. North Bay. The doors will open about 1915 ET (dependent upon when we finish dinner). Here is how to get there if you need it.

This is an early reminder for a few reasons...


1) DST ends tonight. Don't forget to set your clocks BACK. You don't want to get to church too early.


2) Christmas Party. IF we hold it on a Thursday it would be a choice of December 3, 10, 17, 2015.  We need suggestions. Do we go back to Guido and Arlenes (a Tuesday 1, 8, 15 vs Thursday) or do we try another location. The Rose Garden was suggested last year. If you have a place you think might work, and are able, please do some preliminary inquiries as to availability, capability,  menu etc. Drop the executive a note ( with any preferences and suggestions. Hpoefully this will smooth the process and make planning easier.


3) I'll be sending out the regular reminder Wednesday 4th with agenda items and dinner location (Keeling take note) so please send anything you would like to add to the agenda to


4) Dues are due. $20.00 for RAC members. $30.00 for non members.

73/Drew Riddell VE3MAF