1210 NBARC October Meeting Reminder

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Well October is here and the weather is telling us that. Right at the moment I am at the cottage and it is blowing, cool, and damp.

The October meeting will be held Wednesday October 10th 2012 at 1930ET at the OPP COMM Centre on Gormanville Rd. The doors open at 1915ET and are locked after the meeting starts. Bill VE3TGI will unlock the doors as Paul VA3PC will be away due work.

Chris VA3CMX will give a report on Nature's Harmony Run off the Grid. It was a great event although we could have used one and better still two more volunteers. It is well run and the meal afterwards is great. There were 4 types of salad, great goulash, corn on the cob and buns. We must remember, next year, to bring our own knives, forks and plates as they use as little disposable stuff as possible. Next years run is Saturday September 28th 2013. Jen and Tzach REALLY appreciate our help.

A poll for the best date for the Christmas Party is on the website


Yes I know it seems early to be thinking about Christmas but rooms need to be booked early. The last few
parties have been held a King's Buffet and seemed to work well. If you go home hungry it is your fault. We are always open to other suggestions.

There will be discussion about the SET October 13th.

The Hospital Run is October 14th.

November 3rd (28 days from now) is the York Regional Hamfest. VA3BDR, VE3GMG and I are going with 2 possibles. There may be a spare seat or two in the van. Let me know if you would like to come and I'll put you on the list. Stay tuned for more info as I get it.

Dinner this month will be at Joey's Only at 1800ET. So far VA3DLJ VE3YO, and VA3BDR will be there. I will be at the cottage. Someone will have to play scribe and post the meeting report to the website.

Stay tuned for updates.
73/Drew VE3MAF