08-08-11 Summer in the Park Report

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    Well Summer in the Park is over for another year. It was a quiet year. Really nothing unusual to report. The new WIKI looks good and is easy to use. If you get a chance look at it. If you have any suggestions as to pages you think would help let me or Paul VA3PC know. We had a lost parent (well grandparent at least) but they were reunited. The next lost kid was found just about as fast as they were lost. It was a smaller crowd than previous years and we didn't have to look after the concerts. We had to stay late for the trains until the concerts were finished. Saturday night Keeling VE3XKB got the train stopped for about 15-20 minutes while the concert let out. Teardown went quickly. Bill should have moved our trailer by now. Hopefully he will get time to get the tyres changed.