08-07-19 Lost in the Rocks and Trees Report

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The 2008 Lost in the Rocks and Trees was held today (Saturday). It started out cloudy but ended up being a great day. Nobody got lost. There were only 3 dropouts in the whole reace. There were 20 entrants in the 100K race and 43 entrants in the 50K race. The first 50K racer came in in a time of approximately 3.5 hours. The first 100K racer came in in a time of approxmately 5 hours. There were reports of at least one mud hole that was waist deep. (Special order for the race we told them). The 100K started at 0900ET and the 50  started at 1000ET. The last racer was in by 1747ET. The race was run using VE3NBR 147.150+ which is located in Mattawa. Chris VE3CEA has just moved it to a new home. The coverage has improved and made the far distant locations useable without a small yagi antenna. You do have to chose your location inside the arena with care however. Thanks Chris. It has great coverage now.
In attendance were;
Checkpoint 1 - Ken VA3SK, Keegan, Trevor and Jim VA3JGH.
Checkpoint 2 - Bruce VA3BDR and Howard VE3GMG
Checkpoint 3 - Bill VA3SPT and Doug VA3LJ
Start/Finish - Lori VE3LOR, Paul VA3PC and me VE3MAF.
All got thair bagged luunch this year (vs a few that got missed last year). There was a very nice BBQ supper at the end of it all. It was greeat fun and we are looking forward to next year.
Next Saturday July 26th is the Mattawa Canoe Race. It is a more relaxed but still fun event. Bill VA3SPT is still looking for a few more volunteers to help out. Please let him know if you can help. silver@ontera.net or 476-4752.