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08-10-13 Janey Street Tower De-Erection.

I wonder if this will make it through the spam filters with that title?

Tower is down and stored thanks to Gerry - VE3YO, Bill - VA3SPT, Dan -
VE3YUI, Norm - VE3NLH, and especially Darryl - VA3RDC.
Also to Troy who came out on a day off and opened up the gate.
Paul - VA3PC


08-10 October Meeting Report

    The NBARC October meeting was held Wednesday Oct 8/08 at the usual place. A minor glitch occured as the codes for the door locks had been changed and we had not been notified. We did get in with a minor delay however. The following hams were in attendance; VA3SPT, VA3BDR, VE3YO, VA3DLJ, VA3WAC, VE3YUI, VE3MAF, VA3PC, VE3MAA, VE3LOR and Norm VE3NLH was visiting from Englehart.

08-09 September Meeting Report

We had a good meeting. In attendance were Bill VA3SPT, Bill VA3WAC, Bruce VA3BDR, Doug VA3DLJ, Gerry VE3YO, Ev VE3MAA, Howard VE3GMG, Dan VE3YUI. Lori VE3LOR joined us for coffee.

08-06 June Meeting Report

    We had a good meeting Wednesday June 11th 2008 with 10 hams in attendance. Bernie VA3STX assured me he would have been there except for the piece of metal in his leg.
1) Paul VA3PC mentioned that Russ VE3INZ has bought a house in the area. I'm sure we will be hearing more from Russ after he gets moved in.

08-05 May Meeting Report

We had a good meeting. Bill VA3SPT was canoeing in Killbear Provincial Park. We hope he wasn't too wet.

08-04 April Meeting Report

    The April NBARC meeting was held Wednesday April 9th. There were 12 hams in attendance. Mike VA3MPL joined us. It was good to see him out.

08-03 March Meeting Report

This is what I remember as temporary acting occasional (just because I
was there) recording dude.

Meeting called to order @ 19:31 by Bruce, VA3BDR
Treasurer's Report: We have money - more after tonight's dues added.
(Don't ask for a balance just yet, Bruce is working on it!)
Old Business: WX Radios - Bill VA3SPT reported a shipping snag. He
will let us know when he returns from March Break.
Nets: VHF - Interference - VE3ERX Repeater checked and receiver had


08-02 February Meeting Report

We had a good meeting last week. I can't give you a full report because I lost my notes somewhere but here goes my faulty memory.
1) Bill is still awaiting information on the weather radios.
2) Paul explained (with diagrams) on what was wrong with the IRLP node (pulsebacks). It has been fixed.


The North Bay Amateur Radio Club (NBARC) is an incorporated non-profit organization whose objective is to:
  • promote Amateur Radio in the city and surrounding area,
  • provide communications for local organizations,
  • and when requested - to provide emergency communications.

As well, it provides a place for like minded people to get together to discuss the common topic.....amateur radio.
Our regular meetings (ex. July and August) are held the second Wednesday of the month @ 19:30L.



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