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Nature's Harmony Eco Race 2010 - Followup

Nature's Harmony Eco Race 2010
25k and 50k Race


NBARC provided radio communications at three checkpoints and the Start/Finish. Amateurs present were Chris VA3CMX, Doug VA3DLJ, Gerry VA3YO and Henry KD8LWV. With spotty access into the Mattawa 147.15+ repeater, simplex on 146.52 was used for the race.

Organizers were attempting their first race (although they had been involved with the 2010 Lost in the Rocks and Trees).


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After a few hours of playing around yesterday, I managed to get the bugs worked out of a "greeting" page for anonymous users.  It will only show up if you haven't logged in for three weeks or are a new visitor (...or if you delete your cookies - I never delete them, but I sure like to eat them!).
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Welcome to the North Bay Amateur Radio Club Website


The North Bay Amateur Radio Club wishes to thank its friends and neighbours for another successful season.

We have assisted with many community events this past year by providing radio communications and passing of messages. Our members have helped at Summer in the Park (formerly Heritage Festival), the North Bay to Mattawa Canoe Race, Patrick for Life, North Bay Triathlon, Hike for Hospice, the Hospital Walk-Run, and Run Off the Grid, to name a few. The members also support the Santa Fund.


Apple Ipad and K5EHX Repeater map

The K5EHX Repeater map is now working with the Apple Ipad - thanks Tom!


Site Notification Hiccups!

The site had the hiccups! It turns out that a scheduling job went awry, and churned out some extra emails.  I think it has been fixed now.
If any further problems are detected, drop me a quick note.
Thanks;  73
Paul, VA3PC


Canwarn 2010 Documentation

Here is some documentation released by Geoff Coulson from Environment Canada.



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