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09-04 (April 8th) Meeting Report

The APRIL Meeting was a lively one. In attendance were; VA3BDR, VA3PC, VE3YYB, VE3YO, VE3LOR, VE3YUI, VA3SPT, VE3XKB, VA3WAC, VA3JGH, Mike and myself.

1) Correspondance and there was a lot relating to events.
RAC and the Canadian Red Cross have renewed and updated their MOU. There don't appear to be any drastic changes.
As for events this year. Here is an abbreviated list. Check the NBARC Website for an expanded list and more detail. Paul VA3PC has been adding the events to the calendar.


Implementation of Photo Gallery

I have upgraded the site to enable a photo gallery.
The "Image" link on the top bar will change to a Gallery link shortly,
and the image link will be relocated to the side menu.
The differentiation between the two will be that an item embedded into a story will be classed as an image, a photo will be a stand alone item within the gallery.
Clear as mud? - hopefully not when we all upload a few items.
It will be online later tonight.


09-03 (March 11th) Meeting Report

    The March meeting was well attended. In attendance were VA3PC, VA3DLJ, VA3BDR, VE3RRA, VE3XKB, VE3YYB, VA3NDJ, VA3SPT, VE3LOR, VA3JGH, VE3MAF and Mike Andrews a guest. Mike resides in the Bonfield area and is interested in obtaining his ham ticket. Welcome to the club Mike.

1) Correspondence: We have been contacted to assist with the MS Walkathon to be held in May 24th this year. Bill VA3SPT is getting more info. Watch the website for more info as it becomes available.


Website new features/Changes

Today I added a newsletter service, and moved the photo gallery to the header menu.
Please feel free to subscribe to the newsletter on the site.  Drew has promised to remove you from his other distribution lists if you do.


VE3ERX software upgrade (and time setting)

I was at the Powassan site today and upgraded the repeater software and also set the time on the controller.  Please let me know if the clock starts to drift again.  I set it to adjust itself by 30 seconds a week.  We'll see if it requires more or less to stay in sync.


Website Response Speed

I did some fine tuning with my server this afternoon.
Hopefully that will correct some of the abysmal response time.


09-02 (February 11th) Meeting Report

We met at the base firehall for the monthly meeting. Just before the meeting started, we enjoyed some of Doug's slideshow offering from the previous meeting, and had a presentation of some of the show and tell items.
Doug had a listing of some portable/emergency antennas he was contemplating construction, and a 40m vertical antenna that he has built for portable use.


09-01 (January 14th) Meeting report

1) 15 HAMs attended the January 14th meeting.
2) We have $1687.88 in the bank account.
3) NETS. The 2M net is running well Monday Mornings. Dave VE3GTM has been concentrating on using VE3ERX. The 80M net runs on Sundays. Paul VA3PC is getting generally 8-10 checkins.

08-12 NBARC Christmas Party Report

Total now  $175.00 after coffee this morning
Subject: NBARC- Santa Fund

08-11 November Meeting Report

    The NBARC November meeting was held Wednesday November 12th 2008 with 17 hams in attendance. They were Doug VA3DLJ, Gerry VE3YO, Evelyn VE3MAA, Dan VE3YUI, Keeling VE3XKB, Pual VA3PC, Nelson VA3NDJ, Martin VE3FAT, John VA3LGS, Lori VE3LOR, Howard VE3GMG, Derek VE3KAA, Candy VE3SCN, John VA3OZ, Bill VA3WAC, Bill (president for life) VA3SPT, and myself. Bruce VA3BDR was on a well deserved vacation. We hope he enjoyed it although we did miss him.


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