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Nature's Harmony Eco Race 2010 - Followup

Nature's Harmony Eco Race 2010
25k and 50k Race


NBARC provided radio communications at three checkpoints and the Start/Finish. Amateurs present were Chris VA3CMX, Doug VA3DLJ, Gerry VA3YO and Henry KD8LWV. With spotty access into the Mattawa 147.15+ repeater, simplex on 146.52 was used for the race.

Organizers were attempting their first race (although they had been involved with the 2010 Lost in the Rocks and Trees).


2010 Jamboree on the Air

I am contacting you on behalf of the 1st North Bay Scout Troop, a group of which I am a member. They have expressed an interest in participating in the Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) scouting event. It is basically a 48hr field day for the youth to make contacts throughout the world. There is no scoring involved though contacts are logged and submitted to the National level. Being a Ham without an HF station, I was hoping that the North Bay Amateurs might be able to help us out.

2010 NBGH Hospital Walk/Run

This is a fun event that takes place in the morning. We are finished by noon. The route this year is through the new hospital grounds and around Canadore College/Nipissing University.

2010 Nature's Harmony Eco Cross Country Race

To check interest in attending the first running of the Nature's Harmony Eco Race in Mattawa, September 25th.
It appears that we'll need at least 5 radio operators to have a radio at each checkpoint.
If you are available and interested in attending, please sign up using the "will attend" button on the event posting.
Link to the Nature's Harmony Ecolodge race website.
Update Friday Sept. 17

Canwarn 2010 Documentation

Here is some documentation released by Geoff Coulson from Environment Canada.


2010 Emergency Prepardness Week

We will be setting up an Amateur Radio/ARES display in the mall Friday May 7th and Saturday May 8th. Volunteers are required.

2010 North Bay Triathlon

Kids Tri on Saturday (no official request as yet)
Annual - Triathlon Sunday morning.

2010 MS Walk

Annual - MS Walk


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