Community Service

2015 - Run off the Grid

Post-race Meal: gd2go will be catering and serving a hearty and healthy post-race meal with as much food sourced locally as possible and with minimal to no waste.  Leisure Farms also supplies corn for a post-race corn roast. Bring your own plates, cups and cutlery.


2015 North Bay Triathlon

North Bay Triathlon.
Looking for about 6 volunteers.
Thanks, 73 - Paul

2015 North Bay -> Mattawa Canoe Race

North Bay - Mattawa Conservation Authority is again holding the Canoe Race.
We are looking for a few volunteers, Sign up as per usual.
Thanks & 73, Paul, VA3PC

2015 - Patrick 4 Life

We have now been requested.  Sign up on the webpage as usual. Thanks.
One wrinkle this year is that they would like a radio sitting about 300 yeards from the finish to call in the participant numbers to the announcer on the stage (therefore, 2 volunteers more than usual).
6-8 volunteers required.

2014 Mattawa River Canoe Race

There is a dinner after the race.

2014 North Bay Triathlon

Looking for 8 volunteers for the North Bay Triathlon.  Take a break from Field Day, or when the Triathlon is done, drop by and see the setup.
Thanks in advance (sign up on the website as per usual).
73 Paul, VA3PC

2014 Patrick 4 Life

Require a few stations to act as lookouts for medical issues for the half marathon run for Patrick4Life.
Please indicate your signup by clicking on the event and checking "will attend" on the website.
Short notice I know, but thanks in advance.
Paul, VA3PC


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