Community Service

2009 Patrick 4 Life

Assist with the Patrick 4 Life - Run/Walk fundraiser


08-12 NBARC Christmas Party Report

Total now  $175.00 after coffee this morning
Subject: NBARC- Santa Fund

08-08-11 Summer in the Park Report

    Well Summer in the Park is over for another year. It was a quiet year. Really nothing unusual to report. The new WIKI looks good and is easy to use. If you get a chance look at it. If you have any suggestions as to pages you think would help let me or Paul VA3PC know. We had a lost parent (well grandparent at least) but they were reunited. The next lost kid was found just about as fast as they were lost. It was a smaller crowd than previous years and we didn't have to look after the concerts. We had to stay late for the trains until the concerts were finished.

08-07-26 Mattawa River Canoe Race Report

    Saturday July 26, 2008 was an eventful day. It all started with the RAIN and boy did it rain in the morning. Bill VA3SPT and Betty were on the Mattawa River in a canoe during the rain and thunderstorms. There in no truth to the rumour that they were wearing scuba gear during the rain and thunderstorms!! One canoe in the race was hit by lightning with the paddles being blown right out of their hands. They were alright and although they didn't finish the race (they went to the hospital to get checked out) they were at the dinner afterwards and got honourable mention.

08-07-19 Lost in the Rocks and Trees Report

The 2008 Lost in the Rocks and Trees was held today (Saturday). It started out cloudy but ended up being a great day. Nobody got lost. There were only 3 dropouts in the whole reace. There were 20 entrants in the 100K race and 43 entrants in the 50K race. The first 50K racer came in in a time of approximately 3.5 hours. The first 100K racer came in in a time of approxmately 5 hours. There were reports of at least one mud hole that was waist deep. (Special order for the race we told them). The 100K started at 0900ET and the 50  started at 1000ET. The last racer was in by 1747ET.

08-06-29 North Bay Triathlon Report

Well, we have another event under our belts.
Everything went very well today. No Major incidents and everyone finished the race.
I would like to thank everyone who helped out today:

08-06-08 Patrick 4 Life Report

Hi Folks
Everything went very well this morning at the Patrick4Life Walk/Run.
The weather held out even though the forecast was nasty.

08-05-25 Super Cities Walk for Life (MS Society) Report

Hi Folk
Well the Super cities Walk for MS went very well.
They raised $26,000.00 for research and programs.


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