Website new features/Changes

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Today I added a newsletter service, and moved the photo gallery to the header menu.
Please feel free to subscribe to the newsletter on the site.  Drew has promised to remove you from his other distribution lists if you do.


Is now online. Come on, upload those old digital pics of us enjoying ourselves..
If you can suggest other Photo Categories, just give a holler.

Another addition to the site. Feel free to poke around and discover.. I know I still am finding new things that can be configured in Drupal.
Any suggestions are welcome.

I have added a newsletter type of "ARES" which will be only used for ARES information. I have subscribed those who have signed up at the Magnetawan Sector ARES site.  As we build up our local ARES structure, information can be sent out by our EC, AEC's and site administrators.  If you want to join ARES, please register at
Thanks and 73, Paul VA3PC