JOTA - Scouts Jamboree-On-The-Air Oct 16

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Hi fellow Radio Gurus.  I am invovled with Scouts and we have our annual JOTA (Jamboree-On-The-Air) next Saturday Oct 16th.  It is a world wide coordinated effert to introduce youth to amatuer radios.  Scouts around the world will be on the air at the same time and the idea is that our local Scouts could talk to a scout in another country - or any one else. 
I do not have an HF unit and was hoping one of you with an HF unit may be availalble to give my Scouts a demo of how the radio works and an opportunity to talk to someone next Saturday Oct 16th.
I will attend the NBARC meeting this Wednesday to discuss the options further.  Also, for more info check out the Scouts webpage at or
Bernie Stockermans
North Bay