Ham DXpedition from the highest point in North Bay - Widdifield Forest - any hikers interested? When sensible weather returns

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Pending more pleasant weather for mountain climbing, I was wondering if any fellow adventurist amateur radio ops would be interested in hiking up to the highest point in North Bay, which is apparently located in Widdifield Forest Provincial Park.  46°27'9.42"N  79°19'4.56"W
460 m or 1,510 ft
 bit of a climb?

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Sounds like a good challenge ... put up a wire, G5RV or whatever, I would take my TS-50s and Versa II tuner... I will start planning power for it. Any thoughts from your end on the equipment? Have you been in that area before other than by the grid map?     Doug VA3DLJ

Good discussions at the club meeting-  I've initiated a contact to the Summits on the Air coordinator for new regions, since VE3 isn't yet represented... which would facilitate listing of the Ontario peaks on the SOTA site, for inclusion in their dx competition rankings.
As for the local peak, if you or anyone else is up for it, I was thinking about a preliminary trip out there with snowshoes and whatever we can load up on a couple toboggans perhaps this coming weekend - (Feb 18, 19, 20 sometime)?

Power- I've got a 12 ah motorcycle battery and 12 ah battery booster pack
Radios- I've got a Kenwood d710 for VHF/UHF and possibly I could lug my Icom 718 for HF ... The 718 would eat those two batteries pretty quick though. I have a G5RV and tuner for HF, but no VHF or UHF beams, just a big copper jpole. I'm thinking I'll work on building one like this 'SOTA beam' for trips out this summer. I've got powerpole connectors wired for most of the gear.

Based on the VE7 region constitution, I've started a google doc in the format of other association reference documents
For edit access, let me know your google account email address. (kd8lwv@gmail.com)