1411 - Trillium Committee November 26th Meeting Report

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SUMMARY OF TRILLIUM COMMITTEE MTG held November 26th at Keeling’s
Present were Bruce, Keeling, Drew, Doug,  Bill G.(at IMS course), Rick(regrets sent)
Mission Statement - The club mission statement was discussed…everyone agreed it is excellent and includes all of the features that represent who we are, what we do, and our general goals….as posted on our club website for a number of years on the home page…. No changes needed.
The North Bay Amateur Radio Club (NBARC) is an incorporated non-profit organization whose objective is to promote Amateur Radio in the city and surrounding area, provide communications for local organizations, and when requested - to provide emergency communication. As well, it provides a place for like-minded people to get together to discuss the common topic.....amateur radio.
Registration – OTF is rebuilding their website and application procedures this winter, so have delayed all applications until the Spring…. This does fit our timelines anyway, so we will continue to develop the plan and make our contacts.
Name on the side of the trailer still questioned, and for possible magnetic car door signs was discussed….      NORTH BAY AMATEUR RADIO CLUB COMMUNICATIONS was the most recent edit for any supporting signs, but we should double think the spacing of lettering, logos, and wording of the title on the trailer with regard to windows and doors planned. We will check out some local sign producers and screening to be done on the trailer for when we take possession. Continue to review that name for the next few weeks; you may find a fine tuning that makes more sense.
Membership – Discussion over the need for added membership and increased involvement by existing members…. Need to do outreach, regular ham licence preparation classes, advertising locally on radio and tv, etc…. do we have enough manpower to staff the new unit for the various events? … remains a concern! Should be part of our January meeting presentation and discussion with members about the application. Another reality check.
Letters of support – an intensive list was developed for possible connections to be made, with some individuals named to follow through in the next months. Sample letters will be developed in the next week to have available for us to use as guides.
Future meetings-to be determined, but will remain in e-mail contact for the public relations work that is pressing for these letters and contacts during January, February, and March.
ATTACHED…. PowerPoint file for the development of the ideas discussed.

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