1212 NBARC 2012 Christmas Get Together Date?

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Thursday, December 06th
73% (8 votes)
Thursday, December 13th
27% (3 votes)
Thursday, December 20th
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 11


I have been told that there is a separate room (even with it's own entrance) at the Rose Garden on Lakeshore Dr. and that their buffet is quite good. The staff is apparently good. Might be a nice way to shake it up without changing too much.


That is one place I have never been.... has anyone from our group eaten there or had feedback (or chow down) from others? It never looks too busy.

The club went there many years ago. As time went on the food and service went down hill. The last time we had the separate room but as the restaurant wasn't busy our buffet was allowed to "run out" as they didn't want to cook extra food just for us. Thus we never went back.