09-04 (April 8th) Meeting Report

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The APRIL Meeting was a lively one. In attendance were; VA3BDR, VA3PC, VE3YYB, VE3YO, VE3LOR, VE3YUI, VA3SPT, VE3XKB, VA3WAC, VA3JGH, Mike and myself.

1) Correspondance and there was a lot relating to events.
RAC and the Canadian Red Cross have renewed and updated their MOU. There don't appear to be any drastic changes.
As for events this year. Here is an abbreviated list. Check the NBARC Website for an expanded list and more detail. Paul VA3PC has been adding the events to the calendar.
May 13 - CANWARN Training. PLEASE RSVP either on the Website or direct to Paul VA3PC@ciinet.org so he knows whether he needs to put chairs in the parking lot or not (how much coffee to order).
June 7 - Patrick4Life Walkathon
June 21 - Trans Canada Trails System Discovery Routes and Trails Opening
June 24 - MS Walkaathon
June 27/28 - Field day (Chris VE3YYB really needs volunteers)
June 27 - Kids Triathalon
June 28 - Triathalon
July 18 - Lost in the Rocks and Trees
July 25 - Mattawa Canoe Race (National Canoe Day)
July 31 - August 2 - Summer in the Park (SITP)

2) The 2M net is still running well. dave does a good job and we appreciate it.

3) 80M net is getting between 6-10 check-ins. Pop in and suprise Paul.

4) The repeaters appear to be running OK. VE3ERX got accidentally switched to event mode (no tail) so appeared to be off the air when it was still working well. Bill VA3SPT's APRS I-Gate is off the air as his radio quit receiving. he has another radio but a) has to find it and b) make up the appropriate cables.

5) NBARC Website (http://ciinet/org/nbarc) is up and running. Log in and subscribe to the newsletter. I want to, by the end of the year, to only be sending info to the two web sites (NBARC and NBARC YAHOO Group). If I am sending you this info directly to your personal e-mail could you please sign up for either (NBARC preferred) and let me know and 'll take you off the personal address list. it makes it much easier for me. The site is easy to manouver around. If you are looking for info try under "BOOKS" on the top left side of the home page. The other info on the home page is linked to the full document or event. Paul keeps updating it and adding new features all the time so keep checking back. Let him know how it feels and if there are any improvements/new areas/bells and whistles you would like and he will see what he can/can not do.

6) ARES. The trailer is mobile and SNOW FREE!! (I drove past today). It has had ssome maintenance and a fresh coat of paint. Bill VA3SPT wants to get at the inside and clean it out. We will be using it for SITP and Field day. Doug VA3DLJ is planning more talks/demos/simulations.

7) Corbeil Contest Club (CCC). Next weekend is the ONT QSO Party. Just give a signal report and your district or county. July 1st is the Canada Day Contest. Ken VA3SK will be holding an antenna erecting party to get the 40M antenna back up the tower. When I get a date/time I'll let you know.

8) RAC News. for the RAC news see either the RAC Website or the NBARC Website (under BOOKS)(probably easier).

9) FIELD DAY is the last full weekend in June. This year it runs from 1400 EDT June 27 until 1400EDT June 28th with set-up starting at 1200EDT on the 27th. Chris VE3YYB ccharland@cogeco.ca (705) 476-5325 needs volunteers. You don't have to spend the whole time there. Let Chris know if you can supply a few hours here and there.

10) SITP. We have decided to do it again this year. Keeling VE3XKB NEEDS volunteers. Go to http://www.northbaysummerinthepark.ca/Volunteers/VolunteerForm.aspx and sign up (it actually appears to work I used it) or print the form, fill it in and get it to Keeling so he can get it to the SITP Committee to get approved. Check out http://www.checkpost.ca/summer/ to find out when he has you scheduled. Right at the moment it has last years schedule on it (take a quick look at what we did last year).

11) CONSTITUTION. The proposed Constitution was reviewed and a few changes made. Bruce VA3BDR will be updating it. By having a constitution we get covered under the RAC LIABILITY Insurance plan when we are working club sponsored events. We also need a certain percentage of the members to be RAC members. After all if you are going to take advantage of the insurance it is only fair that you be a RAC member. It is the ONLY organization that speaks on behalf of Amateurs. If we don't support it it starts to loose credibility in governmental eyes (if hams won't support their own organization I guess ther really don't care about their frequency assignments). If you are not a RAC member please sign up. I would hate to loose the hobby because of inertia.

Well, I think that is about it for right now. REMEMBER next meeting is the CANWAN Training May 13th is at 1900ET at the OPP COMM CENTRE on Goremanville Rd. PLEASE RSVP.

VHF NET - Monday Morning 0700L - 0800L. VE3ERX/VE3NFM. Net controller - DAVE VE3GTM

HF NET - Sunday Morning 0900L - ??. 3.768MHz LSB (+/- QRM). Net controller - Paul VA3PC

COFFEE - Saturdays at NorthGate Square. 1000L-1100L (+/-). In front of A & W

VE3ERX 147.030 (+) (PL 107.2) POWASSAN {N46 03.767 W079 26.133} (IRLP/2649 ECHOLINK/239683)

VE3NFM 147.300 (+) (PL 107.2) North Bay {N46 21.107 W079 22.197}

VE3NFM-15 144.390 APRS

VE3NBC@rac.ca or nbarc@ontera.net