09-02 (February 11th) Meeting Report

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We met at the base firehall for the monthly meeting. Just before the meeting started, we enjoyed some of Doug's slideshow offering from the previous meeting, and had a presentation of some of the show and tell items.
Doug had a listing of some portable/emergency antennas he was contemplating construction, and a 40m vertical antenna that he has built for portable use.
Jerry showed off a few items including his APRS unit (including his all-in-one packaging), and his two meter power checker.  One meter measures voltage, the other meter measures frequency. Its perfect for those times when you are running on a generator.
Paul showed off a proposal for an interactive website for the club.
The business meeting was over fairly quickly (33 minutes) and we adjourned to Timmy's for the followup discussion.
The only thing coming up in the near future will be the winter triathlon planned for the end of February.  Bill will be sending out info as he receives it for those who want to help out.