08-10 October Meeting Report

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    The NBARC October meeting was held Wednesday Oct 8/08 at the usual place. A minor glitch occured as the codes for the door locks had been changed and we had not been notified. We did get in with a minor delay however. The following hams were in attendance; VA3SPT, VA3BDR, VE3YO, VA3DLJ, VA3WAC, VE3YUI, VE3MAF, VA3PC, VE3MAA, VE3LOR and Norm VE3NLH was visiting from Englehart.
1) Two letters were read. The Mattawa River Canoe Race had 29 canoes, and 1 kayak. the fastest canoe took just ovet 6 hrs to do the course. They enclosed a donation. The Lost in the Rocks and Trees T-shirts are still in the works. They also enclosed a donation.
2) There is a new ham in the area. Nelson VA3NDJ has moved to Mattawa. I'm sure we will see and hear more from nelson once he gets settled in.
3) The 2M net is running well. Doug VA3DLJ took the Monday net on the 6th as Dave VE3GTM had a family committment. There were 6-8 checkins. It gets a little busy in the 0745 time frame as the last minute hams check in. Doug said that he enjoyed himself. the 80m net is also running well. Paul VA3PC reports an average of 10-12 checkins.
4) Both repeaters and the Echolink/RLP set-ups are working well. Paul VA3PC is goinng to try putting a multicoulper in at the VE3FM site vs the duplexer to see if the interference can be reduced. He is also working on getting the portable repeater VA3OPP up and running.
5) There are no updates on the website. I'm sure Keeling VE3XKB will looking for input now that the busy summer traveling season is over.
6) The ARES SET 2 weeks ago ran reasonably well. Both Doug VA3DLJ and Paul VA3PC took part. There were some problems with the IRLP reflector but other than that it seems to have run well.
7) The YORK Regional hamfest is coming up on October 25th. At this point in time VA3SPT and Tim, VE3GMG, VA3BRD, VE3XKB VE3YO are attending with VE3MAF driving. If any seats come available I'll send a note around and it will be on a first come first served basis.
8) There is no word yet when we will be putting the 40M antanna back up at the Corbiel Contest Club.
9) A discussion wsas held on the RAC MF-HF band plan. it is something we should all be looking at as there are a few differences to the Industry Canada (old) band plan. Take a look at the following web sites for more info.  http://www.rac.ca/service/bandplans/hfband_e.php   and  http://www.rac.ca/service/bandplans/hfplan-20080711.pdf . Then second address is a .PDF file that you can save to your computer if required.
10) The tower we have up on Janey St at the NBM Conservation site is still up. It looks good for getting it down on Monday. As I am going to be away, if you can help please let
Paul VA3PC VA3PC@ciinet.org  or 752-1683 know. He will be arranging it.
11) Sunday October 19th 2008 is the North bay and District Hospital LET'S RUN WITH IT 10K run. Bill VA3SPT is going to need 8-10 volunteers. We already have a clean up crew but we are going to need people at the checkpoints. The organizers are expecting 600+ participants so we will definitely be needed. Memorial Drive is going to be closed at 0800ET in the morning. Please arrive between 0830ET and 0900ET. The marshalling is at LEE PARK so come to the JUDGE St. end of Memorial Dr. ad security will let you in to get to Lee Park. Please let Bill know you are going to be available at silver@ontera.net or 476-4752.
12) Doug VA3DLJ, Bruce VA3BDR and Bill VA3SPT have looked into getting hats and/or vests as a sort of uniform. The hats would be a forest green with gold or silver lettering with NBARC above your callsign. The vests are made by Viceroy, are high visibility fluorescent lime green (you have all been blinded by them) have 4 pockets and are very good quality.  The hats would be $30.00 each and the vests $20.00 each (tax included). Any leftover would go into thr club coffers. Please let me know if you are interested as we are making up a list.
13) I know this may sound early but it is coming up to that time of year. As you all know our December meeting is our Christmas Party. The last few years it has been held at Kings BUFFET with the only major complaint being about a lack of restraint in the chow down department. We are looking at having it at Kings again this year unless there are major objections/suggestions. As to the dates, we hold it Thursday night to try to avoid conflicts with work (yes all you retired guys some of us still work) parties. So it is voting time. The dates this year are;
            November 27,
            December 4, 11, 18.
Please drop me a line at nbarc@ontera.net and let me know your preferred date or if it works better for you your least preferred date. We will make a decision at the November meeting as to the date.
14) Unfortunately Howard VE3GM was conspicous by his absence and Bill VA3SPT almost didn't adjourn the meeting.
15) We had a couple of presentations.
        First Doug VA3DLJ gave us a very short chat/demonstration on emergency prepardness and a READY KIT. The authorities advise that you be able to look after yourself for the first 72hrs of an emergency as Emergency Services will be overloaded and may not be able to get to you.
Listed below are a few thoughts on the subject. Definitely not all inclusive.
  • Make sure all of your equipment is in good working order. Maintain fresh batteries, and where possible, 12 volt re-chargers and battery operation.
  • Don’t rely on the outside world. Maintain your own back-up supplies of food, water, and warm clothes. This applies to working checkpoints at functions too.
  • Maintain a bound logbook for the ‘emergency’ at hand.
  • Keep an up to date copy of the phone tree and also notes listing the ‘on duty’ hams for the event, for your own information and possible communication if needed.
  • Know the repeater frequency to routinely monitor or the simplex frequency to be used… here it will be 2 m VE3ERX 147.030(+)  or 146.520(S). Alternates would be VE3OPP 145.150(-) or VE3NFM 147.300(+) depending on circumstances.
  • Keep a spare fuse taped to the power cord of any radio if it runs with one.
  • First alert: What do you do when first alerted? Where do you go when alerted?
  • Keep spare antennas at the ready. A mag mount is a good choice, with a patch cord available to your portable.
  • Prepare a ready kit of your own. Walmart, Zellers, and Staples all have small ‘school’ bags that will do the trick for under $20.00. What would you keep in the bag?
  • Make your availability known when a situation arises, or just a standing invitation… “I am always available when in town… just call.”

Call up Phone tree….

This is being updated, but Drew would also like to know from you…. ‘Are you interested in having your name stand on the phone tree, not just list all club members and assume they will respond?’  He can then update the list as the year progresses. I will be looking at updating the callout tree. Don't forget to check into the local ARES website at http://www.ciinet.org/ares/index.html for more info.
    Second Gerry VE3YO demonstrated his portable APRS box. There was a lot of interest as it was nicely laid out.
    Thirdly Bill VA3SPT showed his home made UHF beam. he used it during the Mattawa River Canoe Race to get back to the cross-band repeater in his vehicle.
    At our November Meeting Doug VA3DLJ will be touching on Winter Storms. gerry VE3YO is going to bring his home made 2M beam he and Doug have tested to assist with the MRCR.
Well that is about it for now. I will send out updates and supplimental information when it becomes available.