08-09 September Meeting Report

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We had a good meeting. In attendance were Bill VA3SPT, Bill VA3WAC, Bruce VA3BDR, Doug VA3DLJ, Gerry VE3YO, Ev VE3MAA, Howard VE3GMG, Dan VE3YUI. Lori VE3LOR joined us for coffee.
1) We received a thank you note from Mike Burke with the Triathalon. He thanked us for our help and sent a donation along. We also received a note from the Conservation Authority requesting we remove our tower that is still on their site. Once our gin pole gets redeployed back to North Bay (or we manufacture a new one) we will be looking for some help to take the tower down. It is only 5 sections so it shouldn't take too long. I'll let you know what is happening.
2) The 2M and 80M nets are still running. I missed the last few 2M nets due to work etc and my 80M antenna needs repair but I still manage to check in even if I am weak. Try to check in and help the net controllers. They would love to hear from you.
3) The repeaters VE3NFM 147.03 and VE3NBC 147.30 are working well. Both machines have a 107.2 PL tone. Echolink and IRLP are working well. Paul VA3PC is in the process of reworking the 145.15 machine to make it more portable for field work when necessary. It will have the call VA3OPP when up and running. The VE3NBR  147.15 machine in Mattawa works very well and can be worked from north Bay if you are in the right area. We would have had great difficulty with the Lost in the Rocks and Trees and The North bay Mattawa Canoe Race without it. Thanks Chris.
4) There is nothing further on the NBARC website at this time. Keeling has been busy over the summer. I'm sure he will get back at it in the fall. We have to do our part and send him information, pictures etc.
5) Bill VA3SPT was pleased to announce that DOUG VA3DLJ accepted the position of Assistant Emergency Coordinator (AEC) and Training Specialist for the ARES group. If you want more info go to http://www.ciinet.org/ares/index.html . The provincial SET (Simulated Emergency Teast) is scheduled for Sept 27th. We will need a few people to check in to the appropriate control stations. Unfortunately  will be at work 0700-1530. I will put around another note later with more info. Under the USERS AREA you can update your information or register for our local ARES group. Registration doesn't imply a specific commitment. It lets the ARES Coordinator know what you have available if/when you are available in the event of an emergency. NBARC membership is NOT required.
6) The NBARC trailer has a new lease on life thanks to Bill and Family. There are 5 new tyres, it has been painted and the generator box has been completely rebuilt. Unfortunately the front jack stand collapsed so is being replaced. Bill is working on replacing the shingles with metal roofing.
7) Bill VA3SPT still has a couple of 30A Staticon Power Supplies. If you want one just call him.
8) Gerry VE3YO and Dan VE3YUI attended the CARP Hamfest. The report was that it was very good. The YORK Regional Hamfest is coming up October 25. At this point in time VA3SPT (and possibly TIM), VE3GMG, VE3YO, VA3BDR, VE3XKB (if he doesn't go square dancing) with VE3MAF driving are planning to attend. At this point in time the van is full. If anyone drops out and a seat becomes available I'll let you know.
9) The CCC (Corbeil Contest Club) is definitely going to need help putting the full size 40M antenna. It is one BIG antenna. When it is refurbished and ready to be raised  will let you know. 4 to 5 people really makes the job easier. It makes for a fun day.
10) Paul VA3PC puts the RAC news bulletins on the NBARC YAHOO Groups site. I send all the NBARC bulletins to the group and there are pictures from various events as well.
11) We participated in 4 events from the end of June to the beginning of August.
    a) TRIATHALON - June 29th. There was a good turnout and all went smoothly. There were the same issues as previous years, Lees Road and HWY 63 problems. Next year we are going to try to get some portable STOP SIGNS to assist with traffic.
    b) Lost in the Rocks and Trees (LOTR) - July 19th. It was a great day and an excellent event. All went well. this is a fun event.
    c) North Bay Mattawa Canoe Race (NBMCR) - July 26th. This was the first time we participated and it was a very challenging event. Think terrible terrain for radio work and copious quantities of water dropping from the sky. There was a wicked thunderstorm in the morning with one canoe struck by lightning. No major injuries just shaken up. Another canoe swamped in some rapids. The participants decided to walk out (the long way 14K vs 2k the short way) without telling anyone. When Bill VA3SPT and the conservation authority got to where ther were supposed to be there they were gone. The OPP (dog team included) got involved and it was a lot of ?fun?. All turned out well in the end. We do however need more prople to help as our resources were stretched very thin especially with the communication difficulties. hey did fead us a nice dinner afterwards and thanked us at the awards ceremony. They were wondering how they had managed without our help previously. I'm sure we will be asked for next year. The canoe is still stuck in the rapids for all we know.
    d) Summer in the Park (SITP) - August Long Weekend. It was very quiet this year and all went well. Our broadband connection wasn't up to snuff and that created a few headaches for Keeling VE3XKB.
12) Our next event is the North Bay District Hospital LET's RUN WITH IT fund raiser October 19th 2008. It is a 10K walk/runathon in the morning. We are going to need 8-10 people and should be finished by noon30ish.
13) The NBARC October meeting will be held Wednesday October 8th 2008. Bill VA3SPT is going to bring a SHOW and TELL (assuming his oldtimers doesn't kick in).
Thats it for right now.