08-06 June Meeting Report

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    We had a good meeting Wednesday June 11th 2008 with 10 hams in attendance. Bernie VA3STX assured me he would have been there except for the piece of metal in his leg.
1) Paul VA3PC mentioned that Russ VE3INZ has bought a house in the area. I'm sure we will be hearing more from Russ after he gets moved in.
2) The 2M is still running onday Mornings. VE3NFM is having some transmit/receive issues. Paul is still working on them. The 80M net is still running on Sunday mornings. If you get a chance check in. The net controllers would love to hear from you.
3) The NEW VE3ERX Repeater is tuned up. Paul just has to interface it to the controller. It will be on 147.030+ when it is finally installed.
4) If anyone was trying to use the IRLP/Echolink or access Paul's website wwww.ciinet.org his internet was down Sunday fo 12 hours.
5) Keeling is looking for more new information to put on the club web page  http://checkpost.ca/radio/ . Check it out. Send him ideas.
5) Bill VA3SPT and Dan VE3YUI are going to get the tyres on the trailer ghanged before Summer in the Park. We are also going to have to repair the generator box. Our current generator doesn't work. Do we repair it, do we replace it or do we borrow one in times of need? We seldom use a generator and just sitting around isn't good for them.
6) Our last 2 events ran on 147.300 simplex due to VE3NFM's problems. Both the Patrick4Life and the MS Walkathon went well. Bill VA3SPT has been a good boy and filled out the Public Service Activity Report forms. These forms allow RAC to track amateur public service activity and the associated dollar value we return to the community. 
7) Some where around March 26, 2009 (Paul wasn't comletely sure) the international broadcasters should be vacating the 7.1-7.2MHz band. This will allow hams a little more space.
8)  The HERITAGE FESTIVAL PROGRAM is up and running. Paul thinks he has fixed a few minor issues including the hackability of the WIKI. Please log in and check it out. If you have forgotten your login name and/or password send Paul a message VA3PC@ciinet.org and he will  reset them for you.
9) JUNE 29th is the North Bay triathalon. Bill VA3SPT is looking for volunteers. Please let him know if you will be able to help silver@ontera.net.
10) JULY 19th is the Lost in the Rocks and Trees. Nick Green (BILL HERE IS YOUR REMINDER TO CONTACT NICK) is looking for feedback and suggestions on how to run things better. Send any suggestions to Bill and he will forward them to Nick. Again Bill will be looking for volunteers. Please let him know if you will be able to help silver@ontera.net.
11) JULY 26th is the MATTAWA Canoe Race. This event creates lotsa communication problems. Again Bill will be looking for volunteers. Please let him know if you will be able to help silver@ontera.net.
12) JULY 27th is the North Bay duathalon. We haven't been officially asked yet but it is coming.
13) SUMMER IN THE PARK is the August long weekend. Keeling is still looking for help. He is also requesting help the Friday before JULY 25th to setup the trailer. Drop him a line and let him know when you can help. otsa fun can be had. kb.little@cogeco.ca
14) Friday OCTOBER 19th is the North Bay Hospital 10K WALK/RUN. We have been requested to help. More will be coming later when we know more.
15) Bruce is still working on the incorporation.
16) Paul is hoping to have the CANWARN visor cards for the Lost in the Rocks and Trees or by the latest at SUMMER IN THE PARK. Come out, volunteer and get a free nifty visor card.
17) DEREK VE3KAA Bill does have your weather radio in his truck.
19) Our next meeting is Wednesday September 10th 2008.
    Well I think that is about it for right now. I'll try to send around updates periodically throught the summer. We have a busy summer ahead. Come out and have some fun at our events.