08-04 April Meeting Report

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    The April NBARC meeting was held Wednesday April 9th. There were 12 hams in attendance. Mike VA3MPL joined us. It was good to see him out.
    1) The 2M net is running as usual. Last week VE3ERX was very noisy. Paul VA3PC had replaced the receiver board. He then had to replace the squelch board as the squelch was staying open. It took 3 boards but the repeater appears to be working well right now. There seems to be occasional noise on the repeater but Paul isn't sure where it is getting in. VE3NFM was having problems. Paul found that the transmitter was putting out about 80W and that was desensing the receiver. He throttled it back to 30W and it appears to be better. There are still occasional problems. He is going to work on it when he gets the chance and is able to access the site without getting stuck. He has received the 147.030(+) crystals for the next machine. The location/callsign etc haven't been decided yet. When I know I'll tell you.
    2) Keeling VE3XKB is still working on migrating the NBARC Website to his own server. He had a hard drive crash and is awaiting a replacement. When he gives me more I'll give you more.
    3) The ECHOLINK and IRLP appear to be working well and getting lotsa use.
    4) The 80M net has between 6 to 12 check-ins. It usually runs from 0900ET to about 0930ET on average. Paul VA3PC is going to be away (correct me if I am wrong Paul) not this Sunday but the following 2 Sundays and will need someone to run the net.
    5) VA3DLJ Doug Johns is now a Certified Emergency Coordinator with ARES having written and passed the exam. Congrats Doug. Watch out as I'm sure Bill VA3SPT will have some work for you. Bill VA3SPT is just waiting for the snow to go and the ground to firm up and he will be replacing the tyres on the NBARC trailer. Our ONAN genny isn't working. We are discussing whether we fix it, replace it, do without and borrow one if required. Any and all input is accepted and evaluated.
    6) The CCC (Corbeil Contest Cub) is going to be having a few antenna days to upgrade and fix the current antennas. All help is appreciated (and needed). I'll let you when I know what the dates are. KEN DROP ME A LINE WHEN YOU HAVE THEM FIGURED OUT AND I'LL SEND OUT A NOTE.
    7) It looks like we are going to have a busy summer season with events again this year. Here is a list of what normally comes up;
        a) Partick 4 Life in May. Not sure of the actual date and as of yet we haven't been asked to help.
        b) Triathalon Canada Day. Haven't been asked to help yet.
        c) Duathalon. I don'tremember when this is but we haven't been asked as of yet. Last year was the first year.
        d) Mattawa Canoe Race July 12th. This is in the works. Nothing official yet.
        e) Lost in the Rocks and Trees July 19th. I'm not sure of the status of this event.
        f) Summer in the Park. The August long weekend. We have been asked to help with this. See the next item.
    I'll send out more on each of these as I get more.
    8) Summer in the Park. We have been asked to assist again this year. We have said we will help depending on what is required of us and what we get in return. Keeling VE3XKB will be inviting Summer in the Park officials to attend our May Meeting and tell us what is going on.I'll keep you updated as I get updated.
    9) Paul VA3PC gave us an update on RAC. The RAC website is on a new and better server. They have also instituted anti-spam on the @rac.ca mail forwarding. Things appear to be working better. He posts the RAC bulletins on the NBARC YAHOO GROUP. If you need more check there or get in touch with Paul.
    10) Bruce VA3BDR is still working on the incorporation.
    11) Gerry VE3YO and Doug VA3DLJ attended the Brampton Hamfest. They reported that it was very good, well attended and well organized.
    12) Saturday April 19th is the Durham Hamfest. Howard VE3GMG, Bruce VA3BDR, Gerry VE3YO, Keeling VE3XKB and I are headed down. Bill VA3SPT is GOING (NOTE THE EMPHASIS BILL) to have all his chores done so he and Tim can attend as well.  I leave my house about EARLY (0400ET) and pick up Keeling about 0420ET. I then roll through town and pick up Bill & Tim about 0440ET. My next stop is on Gladstone where Bruce and Howard fall into the van. We then stop at THD, pick up coffee, a snack and Gerry and head south. We are home in the late afternoon 1600ET-1700ET on the average. If Bill and Tim are unable to attend I will have 2 seats available and I'll send around a note advertising the fact. We have a great time.
    13) The weather radios are IN TRANSIT (or so Bill VA3SPT was told). He is hoping to have them in shortly. We would like to say THANKS BILL for all your pain and suffering.
    14) Paul VA3PC gave a quick talk on the MHF (That would be the Message Handling Format) used in passing traffic on Amateur Radio. It was very interesting and enlightening. You can listen 3.742MHz 1800 or 1900ET (we aren't completely sure) to listen. We are looking at having a message handling exercise at one of our meetings. More will be forthcoming when there is more to forthcome.
    15) Here is a link that was sent to me. You might find it interesting.    http://www.cqoogle.com/search/
   16) Our next meeting will be held MAY 14th 2008 at the old firehall on base. BILL REMEMBER YOUR DUES!
Well, I think I have rambled on long enough.