08-02 February Meeting Report

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We had a good meeting last week. I can't give you a full report because I lost my notes somewhere but here goes my faulty memory.
1) Bill is still awaiting information on the weather radios.
2) Paul explained (with diagrams) on what was wrong with the IRLP node (pulsebacks). It has been fixed.
There is interference on VE3ERX. Paul is aware of it. VE3ERX is on a well used site and there is a lot of RF floating around. He has added extra cans in line to help reduce the interference. After the snow leaves he is going to upgrade the radio equipment in hopes that the RFI is reduced. NBARC is going to assist in the purchase of a new controller for the site in hopes that it will help as well.
3) The VHF and HF nets are running well.The controllers always appreciate checkins.
4) We viewed a DVD of the North Bay City Simulated Emergency last year. It was produced by COGECO and is quite interesting. If you watch closely you can see Paul hiding in the background. We have a copy for our archives if you are interested in viewing it.
5) There are a number of us going to the Durham Fleamarket April 19th.
6) Our next meeting will be held March 12th. Both Bill and I will be unavailable.
If I remember anything else I'll send it around. If I get any updates I'll send them as well.