Keeling's Celebration of Life on Monday

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It was Keeling's wish that the club would provide an "Honour Guard" at his service Monday.
I spoke with the coordinator of the AOTS men's club, and they will be wearing their embroidered golf shirts.
I'm not too sure that callsign ball caps or radio vests are appropriate attire, so for those who wish to attend, please
let me know and I will print out a name tag with the club logo and your name and callsign.
We will be seated near the front of the congregation as a group to pay our respects.
If we could be at Trinity United around 11:30 that would be great.
I will have some spare logo name tags for those who can get away at the last minute - we will have to print in your
name and callsign.
If you have any questions please give me a call at 752-1683 or perhaps meet up at Northgate Saturday.
I will also bring a condolence card for those who wish to sign and can't get there on Monday.
I will need an approximate number of members for tomorrow night to let the funeral coordinator know how
many seats to reserve.
Thanks in advance
Paul, VA3PC