New ham wants to know how to operate the repeater.

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Well I just got my ham license and want to explore a bit on echolink.  What is the process involved in operating the repeater?  I know that you have to key in some secret code to activate the repeater linikng feature.  Is there a repeater operations for Dummies file out there somewhere?  Any help or insight would be appreciated.
Mike Andrews in Bonfield

Mike; no secret codes here (but I do admit they may be a bit hard to find).
To operate IRLP, enter the destination node number.  For example to call Sault Ste Marie, just enter 2330.
That connects you to VE3KD repeater in the Sault.  To disconnect enter 73.
For Echolink, prefix the node number with a # sign.  For example to call node 123456, enter #123456.
All the digits have to be within the same PTT.  Once again use 73 to disconnect.
You can find a list of IRLP node numbers on
I'm guessing you can find echolink node numbers on their website.
Cheers & 73
Paul, VA3PC 

Hello Paul
Thanks for the info.  Was not sure of the procedure involved but your explainatiion is clear enough. Are there any limits to length of time you can use the linking feature?  I sometimes listen to the Tech net on Friday nights and want to be able to sign in etc.  Any how thanks for your help!

Mike; the link will timeout if it doesn't see activity from both sides.  ie. if the link only transmits or the local user only transmits.
If you PTT at least once every half hour, the link will stay active. If it doesn't work, let me know and I'll check the settings.
Its been a while since I set it up.  Meeting Wednesday night at 19:00L at the OPP Commcentre, come out if you can and join in the
mayhem (oops I mean discussions).. 73 Paul

Hi Mike,
Here's a PDF Paul put together of some popular IRLP nodes, and a spreadsheet I made of the same info.
Google Spreadsheet

Hi Mike good to see you made it.
Russ Wadge